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Marlton Elks Lodge #2514
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Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Marlton Elks Lodge #2514 426 Evesboro Medford Rd Marlton NJ 08053 (856) 985-ELKS (3557) MarltonElks@gmail.com
This   can   be   accomplished   through   donations   of   our   local   car   enthusiast   participation in   showing   their   pride   and   joy   at   our   show.   Donations   received   by   those   who   come out   to   enjoy   a   day   of   fun   and   laughter   and   through   sponsorship   from   our   local business’s. Marlton   Elks   Lodge   #2514   strives   to   be   a   leading   force   in   our   community   through   our programs    as    we    support    local    schools,    police    and    firemen,    we    find    time    and resources   to   help   our   Veterans   and   their   families.   We   provide   support   to   special needs   children   and   their   families   and   support   our   youth   through   programs.   But   I   am asking you to give once again. I   am   asking   for   your   support   in   providing   a   simple   donation   of   just   $10.00   in   our cause   to   help   people   at   a   time   that   is   inevitable   for   us   all,   so   they   may   leave   this world   with   a   quality   of   life   and   peace   of   mind   knowing   people   care.   If   you   feel   the urge   to   give   more   it   is   greatly   appreciated,   if   you   cannot   give   the   full   $10.00   then please just give what you can every dollar makes a difference.   
Mail to: Marlton, NJ No. 2514 PO Box 188 Marlton, NJ 08053-0188
Stop in during normal hours at: Marlton Elks Lodge 426 Evesboro Medford Rd Marlton, NJ 08053-0188
Donate online:
On   April   28 th ,   2018   our   lodge   will   hold   its   first annual   car   show   to   raise   funds   to   be   donated   to a    local    hospice    organization    in    the    memory    of one   of   our   member’s   relatives.   What   better   way to   commemorate   a   man   who   loved   cars   and   at the   same   time   find   a   way   for   the   Elks   to   once again    show    that    “Elks    Care”.    The    goal    of    this fundraiser is to raise $5000.00.  
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