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Marlton Elks Lodge #2514
426 Evesboro Medford Rd, Marlton NJ 08053
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Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Marlton Elks Lodge #2514 426 Evesboro Medford Rd Marlton NJ 08053 (856) 985-ELKS (3557) MarltonElks@gmail.com

Marlton Elks Lodge 2514

Past Exalted Rulers

Appointing the Inner Guard, Chaplain and Esquire, and Members of the Committees required under the Laws of the   Order

Appointment of the Presiding Justice of the Subordinate Forum and the Local Lodge Mediator.

Reviewing the Opening, Closing and Initiatory Rituals applicable to the station and sufficient familiarization with other rituals to permit

impressive rendition of the parts in them.

Presiding at all meetings of the Lodge with appropriate attention to their agenda and enforcement of proper decorum.

Attending all meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Lodge as an ex-officio member without vote.

Attending the Clinics of the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for the District in which the Lodge is located, unless excused for good


Attending the annual and other required meetings of the State Association to which the Lodge belongs. Preparing the official visit of the

District Deputy to the Lodge.

Attending the Grand Lodge Session after installation and participation in Grand Lodge proceedings as the official representative of the


The Exalted Ruler is the Chief Executive of the Lodge and is ultimately responsible for the performance of Lodge programs and

reaching of is goals. Other responsibilities of the Exalted Ruler is to properly administer all phases of Lodge activities,

including all functions and club operations, including:

For these reasons you must understand that the Exalted Ruler is a highly respected individual, They hold the confidence and

respect of the members of the Lodge. And is elected by the Lodge Members as a person who is deemed qualified to administer

and lead the lodge during their tenure in office. Below you will find those members who filled this important office and served

Marlton Elks Lodge 2514

2016-2017 Allison Fistori 2016-2017 Paul Horbinki 2016-2017 Dave Matyas 2016-2017 John Roberts Jr. 2016-2017 Dave Easterbrook 2016-2017 Jack Fistori 2016-2017 George Tenzca 2016-2017 Vince Gallagher 2016-2017 Jack Fistori
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Marlton Elks Lodge 2514